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Welcome to Shepperton Minor Surgery

Private Minor Surgery

The Support You Need

Our local Clinical Commissioning Group has changed it's criteria in respect of minor surgery. This means that we are no longer funded for non-essential procedures such as skin tags, benign moles, sebaceous cysts etc.

We understand why patients would want these removed and are able to offer a private service with doctors who have performed these procedures over many years.

Our Doctor

Putting Patients First

Dr Jo Turvey has 10 years experience of minor surgery at Shepperton with enhanced training undertaken at Ashford & St Peter's Hospital.

Our Patients

Who can we treat

We can offer Minor Surgery to any patient not registered with Shepperton Medical Practice.

Due to our NHS contract we are unable to treat our own patients.

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Making an appointment and Clinic Hours

Making an appointment:
Please call between 10am - 2pm Monday to Thursday or e-mail any time.
Clinics run:
Tuesday and Wednesday mornings

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Services and Prices

Payment is by card or cash on the day of the procedure

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Initial Consultation £50

An initial consultation is advisable if you are self referring or want further advice prior to surgery. They will assess the site of the lesion and discuss options surrounding histopathology and the cost of the procedure.


Removal of skin tags and minor lesions from £100.00

This is for procedures that are normally done for cosmetic reasons or where there is a minor irritation.

Dermatologist at Work

Removal of benign moles/sebaceous cysts from £200

There may be an additional charge for histapathology where indicated. This will be discussed at the time of the procedure or your initial consultations.

Test Tubes

Histopathology £175.00

The doctor may decide that further investigation is required, this could be in the initial assessment stage or during the procedure. If this is the case they will send a sample to the lab for analysis. There is an additional charge for this to cover the labs costs.
Some patients may also request this service for peace of mind.

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Our Team

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General Practitioner

Dr Jo Turvey

Dr Jo Turvey is a Partner at Shepperton Medical Practice and has over 10 years of experience in minor surgery.

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Help Center

Get Informed

How do I access the clinic?

If you have seen your GP you can ask for a private referral to be done. You should ask your GP to send this to us, ideally, before an appointment is made.

Can I self refer?

You can self refer but it might be worth booking an initial consultation prior to an excision so that our specialists can advise you of the best procedure/treatment

What happens if my histopathology indicates further treatment is required?

We will write to your GP with our findings so that they can refer you on for further treatment and care

What happens at the appointment?

At the appointment, your lesion will be discussed with you and treatment options will be explained. At the time of your procedure you will be asked to sign a consent form.

All procedures are carried out under local anaesthetic. This may sting a little but once administered the procedure will be pain free.

The effects of anaesthetic will last for about four hours and there may be a little discomfort after the effect has worn off. If you do have discomfort, paracetamol should relieve the symptoms.

Most cases are sutured with a stitch that will need to be removed within 7-10 days, this can be done by a nurse at your GP surgery.

If you are taking Aspirin or Clopidogrel, please stop taking this four days prior to your appointment. Patients taking Warfarin should discuss this with their GP.

Please bring a list of any medications you are taking, and a record of any drug allergies.

What happens post procedure?

Try to keep the wound as dry as possible for about one week. In the unlikely event that there is any bleeding, simply apply a little pressure for a few minutes, and the bleeding will stop.

If a sample has been sent to the lab for analysis a copy of the report will be sent to your own doctor. This usually takes about three weeks, and you should phone and check the result with your GP.

When the dressing is removed, the scar may initially be quite pink. This will gradually fade over the next few months. It is important that a new scar does not get too much exposure to the sun as it will burn more easily than normal skin and the resulting scar may be more prominent.

If you are concerned about the way your scar is healing, please consult your own doctor.

Most minor operations take about fifteen minutes. You will be perfectly well enough to drive after the procedure and should not require any time off work.

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Contact Us

Shepperton Medical Practice is committed to providing quality and comprehensive healthcare. To learn more about our clinic and how we can help you, get in touch with us today.

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01932 245 829

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The Care You Deserve

About Shepperton Minor Surgery

At Shepperton Medical Practice, our mission is simple - to make you feel and stay healthy. We understand that in many cases these procedures give you peace of mind and confidence and wish to continue to provide this service, sadly now outside of the NHS. We have a dedicated team with lots of experience.

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